How Keto and Cardio Melt Fat Off Your Body

Diets are not only invented just to help people lose weight. The purpose of diets is usually to treat a variety of disorders. The ketogenic diet, for example, is a specialized high-fat diet that's used as an alternative to treat epilepsy after many anticonvulsants have failed to show productive results.

However, is it popularly used nowadays to assist in weight loss and in many fitness programs and methods for building leaner body. Practicing a Keto diet means removing sugars and carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes, cereal, pasta, bread, and rice. The ketogenic diet primarily involves foods such as butter, cream, vegetable oils, vegetables, eggs, beef, poultry, and pork, but the ketogenic diet is generally low protein.

Sounds easy right? Well, easier said than done. As the first few days (maybe weeks) may be the true test to deciding if the diet is right for you.

The primary goal of a ketogenic diet is to achieve the ketosis state. In this state, ketone bodies and fatty acids, converted from fat, for glucose in the brain as an alternative energy source. This is the reason why many bodybuilders find keto diet very effective.

Since one of the primary ways of burning fat is through cardio the high fat /protein intake in the keto diet is very effective. With the proper administration of ketogenic diet plus consistent workout and hard work, leaning up will be faster.

Aside from going to the exercising regularly, having your own equipment will be a great help if you are a determined to go this path. A stationary exercise bike like the Mihe X900 can aid you in your journey and keep you focused on your diet while burning those extra pounds off.

The most important thing to understand though is that despite the diet you want to try, or think might be the catalyst to achieving your goal, it's important to accept that this diet is not for everyone. If you've lived a high carb diet a majority of your life and are going to just ditch them, then you will definitely need some willpower. 

So what is the best diet? Simple. The best diet is the one that works best for YOU. With that being said, before taking on any new diet, it is important to check with a health physician to see if you are at risk. It is also encouraged to develop a healthy and consistent eating & exercise schedule first before committing to a diet as extreme keto. Once you have a consistent routine down and you feel you're hitting a peak, then considering intermittent fasting or Keto makes more sense.