Mihe Fitness X900 Connected Exercise Bike

Mihe Fitness X900 Exercise Bike Revolutionize your indoor workout experience with the Mihe Fitness X900 Exercise Bike. Toe-caged pedals , handlebar with tablet holder, 0% to 100% magnetic resistance, adjustable seat and handlebar height, built-in bluetooth technology, etc. Everything about this device just spells out one thing; maximum engaged fitness. The Mihe Fitness X900 Exercise...
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Mihe Fitness X900 Exercise Bike

Revolutionize your indoor workout experience with the Mihe Fitness X900 Exercise Bike. Toe-caged pedals , handlebar with tablet holder, 0% to 100% magnetic resistance, adjustable seat and handlebar height, built-in bluetooth technology, etc. Everything about this device just spells out one thing; maximum engaged fitness.

The Mihe Fitness X900 Exercise Bike has an ergonomic design that will help you reach your fitness goals and boost your overall health. How so? Well, cycling on an indoor bike is known to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthens your arms, legs, and core. Overall, the Mihe Fitness Exercise Bike will take your indoor work-out experience to a whole new level.

OVICX App - Basic Version 100% Free

The Mihe Fitness X900 Exercise Bike comes with built-in Bluetooth technology, so you can connect your bike to apps using a Mobile app can smoothen your workout experience and keep you focused. With an app, you can keep track of your weekly work out data on a user-friendly interface that just motivates you to keep up with the exercise. Your performance metrics are displayed accordingly for you to take note of your progress.

Are you a beginner in indoor workouts? The mobile application comes with cycling classes divided based on difficulty and experience. Have a little or much experience? There’s a class for everyone. It doesn’t get any better than this. Watch yourself improve your cycling experience from beginner level to pro! What’s more, you get access to professional and experienced instructors that will help you chart the way forward to fitness success.

Connect your ipad or mobile phone and start tracking your fitness data right away.

The Mihe X900 does include it's own built in Bluetooth, but that connectivity  is limited to the Ovicx App (formally known as Reborn Fit app). The cadence frees you from this limitation and allows for dynamic workout app options.

The Cadence monitor is included for Free with your purchase.

Note: This does not include subscription fees for the fitness app you choose to connect to.

Magnetic Resistance Technology

TheMihe Fitness X900 Exercise Bike uses magnetic resistance technology to work in tandem with the belt transmission to achieve an unmatched level of silence, which in turn helps you concentrate while working out.

Unlike manual resistance exercise bikes, the Mihe fitness machine supports 100% stepless resistance adjustment. This boosts the bike’s overall comfortability by allowing users to seamlessly shift through different levels. This is facilitated by magnetic technology, which uses a series of multiple magnetic disks that generate infinite resistance levels.

The level of resistance is heavily affected by the position of the magnetic disk in relation to the flywheel. The closer the magnet is, then the heavier the pedal resistance. What’s more, with the Mihe Fitness exercise bike, you will never come in contact with the flywheel due to the full-coverage design. This results in a smoother experience with little or no maintenance needs.

Therefore, if you want your indoor workout easy, you need only press the button, if you want it difficult, then so be it! Overall, the technology allows users of all technical levels to easily use the machine. Your knee is entirely protected while working out by equaling the force bearing area.

Fully Adjustable Exercise Bike


With the Mihe Fitness X900 Exercise Bike exercise bike, you need not worry about height levels. You can easily adjust the them for maximum comfort. Accordingly, there are 12x7 options available for adjusting weight. With so much choices, it’s very unlikely for you not to find a suitable position for working out.

Other than that, you get eight different options to adjust the position of the handlebar for better stature. All in all, the Mihe fitness magnetic exercise bike is designed to ensure that your work out experience is effective and convenient for you to stay fit and comfortable.

Professional Handle

The professional handlebar is designed using unmatched craftmanship to imitate real life on-road cycling experience. You get to enjoy multiple postures, which ensures you your work out experience is all the more flawless and beneficial.

Poor postures are likely to do more harm than good to your body. You might experience backpains or general discomfort due to such issues. This is the entire reason why you need a sturdy fitting professional handlebar, which is exactly what the magnetic exercise bike offers. It allows you to switch to different positions imitating real-life cycling experience. Get the magnetic exercise bike today and enjoy perks such as those mentioned above.

Tablet Holder

Want to take your fitness experience to the next level? Then the magnetic exercise bike will help you do just that. With a tablet holder, you get to stream your favorite workout music, movie, or practically anything else while keeping fit. What more could anyone possibly ask for?

Multi-Function Fitness Monitoring

Through your chosen app programs, measure and display several metrics in a bid to bring out the scientific aspect of indoor workouts. With this device, you can track your speed, distance, and calorie consumption in real time.

It doesn’t get any better than this, say goodbye to traditional workout sessions where you couldn’t track your performance metrics. The magnetic exercise bike ensures that you have all this information at arm’s length. That way, you can set performance goals and track them at the same time.

Bottle Holder

Nothing sounds refreshing like a cold drink in the middle of a hot workout. The magnetic bike has a bottle holder to ensure your favorite beverage is always at arms-length. No more running to the fridge to get a drink, which ends up interrupting your workout routine. All this can be done at the comfort of the exercise bike.

Maximum Comfort and Stability

The Mihe X900 has a maximum weight capacity of 265lbs. Rest assured, this sturdy device is capable of supporting you without any hitches. You are bound to experience maximum stability while working out, which culminates to extra comfort. The heavy-duty steel frame will support even the toughest and strongest riders.

State of the Art Flywheel Design

With the exercise bike, you need not worry about hurting yourself due to an exposed flywheel. The full coverage design protects your feet from the wheel, and also makes the entire device look all the more alluring.

Non-Slip toe-caged Pedals

Just slide in your feet and feel the momentum of the Mihe fitness exercise bike. The non-slip pedals guarantee stable footing throughout even the toughest sessions enabling you to focus on your routine. The foot straps are designed to offer perfect balance during workouts. They keep your feet strapped in giving you perfect posture and prevent unnecessary interruptions.

Floor Stabilizers

Do you have uneven floors? Worry not, the stabilizers on this machine will make sure you don't have to worry about such issues anymore.

Nothing gets annoying like that state of imbalance when you get on your machine. The Mihe exercise bike has stable floor stabilizers that serve to generate a state of stability regardless of your house surface. This way, you don’t have to worry about your indoor work out area as literally anywhere will do just fine.

Transportation Wheels

Need to put your machine away for storage? No worries, the built-in transportation wheels are made for this very purpose. You need only tilt, and roll them out. No heavy muscles, no straining, just simple and easy.

With the Mihe Fitness exercise bike, you can tackle your in-home workout routine with state-of-the-art equipment integrated into the machine. Just sit on the comfortable adjustable seat, grip the professional eight-position handle bar, and slide in your feet into the non-slip pedals. Change the resistance level according to your preferred workout routine and monitor your performance metrics on the sleek LCD monitor. Enroll in workout classes via the app to make your experience more practical. Want a beverage, sure, just place it on the bottle holder and reach whenever you need that cold refreshing sip. The Mihe Fitness X900 Exercise Bike exercise bike is your indoor fitness partner.


Weight: 82lbs

Max Weight Capacity: 270lbs

Warranty: 1-year warranty on parts & labor

Dimensions: 44.7 x 22.5 x 43.6 inches;

Shipping: Ships out in 1-business day

White Gloves (Optional): In order to offer this services nationwide, we work with a network of assembly companies and their processes may vary as such:

1. The bike will be shipped to the assembly companies address and then delivered to you and assembled same day.

2. The bike will be shipped to you directly, and the assembly professionals will make an appointment to come by and assemble the bike.

*This only applies if you are opting for white gloves assembly.



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